Mission en objectives

The mission of the Language of the Wilderness Foundation Trust is to serve as an engine room or catalyst of sustainable change within the Greater Baviaanskloof Region of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Our philosophy is based on the primary assets of the region in question namely the Environment and our People and their Cultures. Two parallel processes enjoy attention:
A) Consolidation and Protection synergy between the Protected areas in our region (Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve (BMR), Formosa Forest Reserve (FFR) and Tsitsikamma National Park (TNP). Central to this process is the opportunity recognition that the most sensible and sustainable option for protection of the Baviaanskloof is IUCN Category 1 status - in other words 'Wilderness Area or Scientific Reserve'. See San Commemorative Areas
B) Through aligned sustainable development actions and programmes, inspire and animate the majority of peoples in our region in a strategic, dignified and tangible manner. LOWFT recognises these interventions as top priority, redressing the negative historical perceptions of 'Conservation' by ensuring a balanced and sustainable share of the wealth opportunity of our region.  

To serve the region and our people in a sincere, dignified, passionate and dedicated manner towards the realisation of a blue print regional land-use plan that serves as a beacon in sustainable development.
Fundemental to this cause is convincing and catalsying the proclammation and implementation of wilderness legislation for the Baviaanskloof and developing a sensible negotiated zoning system around recreation/land-use opportunity that drives the tourism based economy.

Ensure that our resources/experience and networks of LOWFT are used wisely to ensure maximum impact with valuable tangibility.

The two mythological lions from an old San story - Belt and Matt, banished for poor behaviour proudly guard  “The Southern Cross” constellation, which for many people in South Africa of various cultures is a comforting, recognizable part of the African skies.  We believe their symbolism and power inspires introspection and reflection the essential value of Wilderness in Africa while invoking primitive connections to the ideology of an African Renaissance. LOWFT aspires to use the Baviaanskloof and its priceless opportunity to create the necessary change and put South Africa on a more sustainable course.  

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