Firstly we thank the many generous individuals whom enable our projects and objections through their very much appreciated donations.
Our sincere thanks also goes to the following sponsors:

South African National Sponsor:
  • Dutch Embassy, Pretoria, South Africa.
  • JDI 'Just Do It Foundation'.
  • KNIP-fund ‘Kleine Natuurbehoud Initiatieven en Projecten’ (Small Conservation Initiatives and Projects). 
  • Cape Town, Stihl, Johannesburg.
Local sponsors Joubertina:
  • Spar.
  • Friendly Grocers
  • Picnic Basket.
Dutch sponsors (Club of 250):
  • Vissers Advocatuur B.V.
  • Laméco Webdesign.
  • Kippenvel Ontwerp (Design).
  • Beeldentuin de Pruimengaard (Sculpture garden).
  • Otjens Schilderbedrijf (Decoration business).
  • Pals Beheer B.V.
  • HotelloTOP.nl
  • WortelWortel B.V., Juridisch Adviseurs (Legal consultants).
  • Zwaluwe B.V.
  • KME-VGNS Adviesgroep (Advisory group)
  • Vincentiusvereniging ’s-Hertogenbosch.
  • Remco Wortel Beheer B.V.
Camps and Day Trips