Standard Programme

Four Primary Schools in and around Joubertina, a small agricultural town in the Langkloof are the strategic focus of LOWFT. Three of these schools are previously disadvantaged or 'coloured schools' namely Louterwater Primary, Krakeel Primary and Joubertina Primary. Between these three schools around 2500 children from Grade 1 to Grade 9 are catered for with classes in some instances of 40 children per teacher. The majority of these children come from very poor families and the amenities and opportunities availed through these schools are quite limited and basic. Socio-economic ailments rife in this poor sector of the community are diverse with Alcohol and Drug abuse very prevalent. The deep rooted historically engineered programmes from the Apartheid Era very obvious e.g. Dopsisteem (payment on the farms in sour wine) or the 'Location/Township' Ideology of Race separation still obvious today. It goes without saying that violence in all its forms is commonplace, housing and services range from rudimentary shacks to reasonable brick buildings, however large population of people outweighs the acceptable space considerably with up to 10 people staying in a two roomed house. In short typical poverty related ills where the future looks quite bleek for the children in the schools.
We have found a large percentage of the children in these schools have learning disabilities and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome has rendered a lot of children mentally and sometimes physically retarded or both.
The fourth school is McLachlan High, taking children from Grade 1 to Grade 12 and is an Advantaged school, in that it is supported by the largely white affluent fruit farming community. The new dispensation has created a substantial and more affluent middle class of colour and a large number of these parents children are enrolled.

Our strategy due to financial and logistic limitations of LOWFT is to focus on the leadership components of these schools, ensuring curriculum based programmes as well as conveying the LOWFT message within a group size where attention to detail and the individual is of high quality. These young leaders are then motivated to feedback the ideas and concepts to the schools and communities at large through example and initiative.

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