The management of the Foundation Language of the Wilderness is responsible for support (financial/legal/operational) and monitoring of the implementing body of executors of the various projects implemented by Language of the Wilderness Foundation Trust in South Africa, overseen by Natasja Wortel and Rodger Smith respectively.

Board of Advisors
The Board of Advisors of the Foundation Language of the Wilderness comprises  leading people from business and government in the Netherlands, who on the basis of their knowledge concerning the subject and a healthy passion for the environment and people; maintain a vibrant caucus serving the mission and objectives of the LOWFT projects in South Africa. Furthermore they play an important role in both marketting and highlighting the importance of the International implications and importance of the work done in RSA to the European Community in general.

Here follows a list of present advisors:

Remco Wortel
Clemens Wortel
Marianne Wortel-Speekenbrink

Camps and Day Trips